Kokurase Episode One Launches Today on Steam For Free

Kokurase Episode One Launches Today on Steam For Free

It was announced today by Degica Games, that its Nico Nico Indie Game Festival winner, Kokurase, has its first episode in its episodic series launch today on Steam. Published by Degica and developed by galanti, Kokurase is a story-packed visual novel built with RPG Maker, chronicling the legendary Kokurase gang as they use their wits and skill to bring together a popular junior who can’t keep the ladies off his back, and a shy freshman that can’t bring herself to talk to him.

Check out the trailer of Kokurase Episode 1, showcasing the games’ features:



The Kokurase gang, also known as Cupid’s Helpers, is out to help freshman Sakura woo Yoshimitsu, a popular senior with every other girl in school vying for his heart. Switch between Genji the leader, the newest member of the crew, Riho, the mysterious Meg, and Kanta, the supernatural sleuth, to bring these two lovebirds together in an intertwining tale.

The game begins with Sakura pining for Yoshimitsu to notice her, which catches the ear of Riho and the gang, who quickly make contact and begin to draw up plans to bring the two together. Days of preparation pass culminating in a gambit to bring the freshman and junior together, requiring the player to execute a series of intricate tasks involving all characters.


In Kokurase, the player takes control of the various members of the Kokurase crew, Cupid’s Helpers, to facilitate Sakura and Yoshimitsu getting together in a winding tale of clever interactions. Using Key Phrases, the different characters interact with each other and NPCs in the game world to move the story forward.

Features include:

  • Beautiful art by illustrator Doromizu
  • Humorous cast of quirky protagonists full of teenage, high school angst
  • Explore a high school campus and take control of multiple characters to advance the plot
  • Use Key Phrases to progress conversations
  • Speech Puzzles

Kokurase is a new, episodic series following the Kokurase crew as they ply the tumultuous currents of high school, bringing together star-crossed lovers and only getting into a little trouble doing it. Additional episodes will be released later as DLC.

Kokurase Episode One launches today, November 10, 2016, on Steam for Windows.”

For more information on Kokurase: Episode 1, visit its Steam page.

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