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KOG Games’ Highly Anticipated HeroWarz Announces CBT

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KOG Games’ Highly Anticipated HeroWarz Announces CBT

KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of popular free-to-play action MMORPGs, today announced that the highly anticipated HeroWarz have opened the gates to CBT registration for an exclusive May 18th, 2016 CBT release at http://herowarz.net/!

HeroWarz is the ultimate action RPG where players select and cultivate unique heroes to build their personal assault force.

Watch the new closed beta video of HeroWarz:

Dive into an ever expanding, in-depth, story-driven character lineup and prepare for action-packed battles like no other! HeroWarz isn’t just for RPG and action gamers. Enter: Arena TV, the standalone PvP element of HeroWarz. Arena TV will be a stand-alone, MOBA based PvP environment that promotes competitive, fast paced action with a character lineup that goes even beyond that of what’s offered on the RPG character lineup.


In the year 2016, our once peaceful world was thrown into chaos when a dream shifter materialized his violently catastrophic dreams into reality. A secretive organization bet on saving these extraordinary beings from their own torment found the vulnerable dream shifter, and sealed his power into a necklace.

Five hundred years later, a girl fated to have the same ability is born.

While she slept that evening, sentience embodied a dream manifestation that had become obsessed with his creator. He shatters the necklace, knowing that if she stays… she’ll be his, forever. Fantasies from her dreams manifest into reality the moment the necklace shatters. The real and dream worlds become one, and she is consumed by the very dream world she created. With the remaining, shattered fragments of the necklace cause chaos throughout the world, powerful Heroes are called upon to help save it.

Anime, RPG, Moba, Action… A world ravaged by the dreams and nightmares of the most powerful…. albeit twisted beings on the planet, and only you and a ragtag group of super-powered, misfit antiheroes are all that are left to save it.

Welcome to HeroWarz.

Do we have your attention yet? To sign up for the very limited access, official HeroWarz CBT, visit the website:  http://herowarz.net/

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