Killer Queens

Killer Queen Black – Out Now On Switch

Killer Queen Black

 was one of the early games announced for the Nintendo Switch. To be honest I didn’t understand the hype around the game as I had never played it. Until last month at an arcade and I finally got why so many were frustrated by the delays and lack of news from Nighthawk. Killer Queen Black is out now though courtesy of Nighthawk Interactive and Bumblebear Games. I’ll let them take it from here.

Mixing the delightful chaos of platforming, strategy and party games, Killer Queen Black is now available at retail stores with a special package for Nintendo SwitchTM: exclusive themed Joy-ConTM controller skins. Courtesy of distributor Nighthawk Interactive, the physical edition can be purchased for $29.99 at major retailers, including GameStop, Amazon, Best Buy and Target.

From Liquid Bit and BumbleBear Games, Killer Queen Black is an eight-player arcade action platformer that combines sports and combat into a thrilling 16-bit competition, calling back to the games of the arcade golden era by displaying all the action on a single screen. Two teams of three Workers and one Queen intensely battle for control and with three potential victory conditions, teams must work together to flexibly adapt their strategies and take down their opponents.

Players can face off locally or online across three game modes and six different arenas. Nintendo Switch players can duke it out with up to four players in standard local co-op or connect two Nintendo Switch systems in Local Wireless Play for the ultimate eight-player arcade experience, all in one room.

Soon after launch, the best team at any given time will become the Black team, replete with coveted glowing outfits. Every Black team match will be streamed so it’s easy to watch the top competition and learn their techniques. With upcoming cross-platform play between Nintendo Switch and PC, chat powered by Vivox, leaderboards, and Spectate mode, anyone can strive for the top.

I definitely missed out on Killer Queen Black but make sure you don’t, you pick it up on Steam and Xbox One and if you pick it up from a retailer the Nintendo Switch version includes some incredible exclusives.

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