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Kickstarter Campaign for Design Hero Studio Will Launch on July 10th

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Kickstarter Campaign for Design Hero Studio Will Launch on July 10th

It was announced by Mexican developer Akinaba, that the Kickstarter Campaign for their upcoming title Design Hero Studio will be launched on July 10th. The game is scheduled for release on January 2018 for Steam, iOS and Android.

Check out the Trailer of Design Hero Studio, showcasing the games’ features:

“Design Hero Studio is a visual novel and date sim, that combines graphic design, puzzles, and love.

You play as a customizable avatar starting an internship working that needs to survive deadly clients in the most prestigious design agency in the world: Jagger & Jones.

Depending on your decisions you will improve your relationship with your colleagues, maybe you can discover your new love or your new enemy.
The projects will change from small restaurants to international rap artists or even cities during one year in the game.

Participate in design tournaments against other players, and challenge them in the leaderboards.

Will you become the next creative legend?


You´re going to meet with a cast of crazy characters as Angie Jones, a business woman that have problems to make relationships because the men she dates are threatened by her career, Yu Watts a day dreamer introvert otaku and book collector easily distracted, Ronnie Taylor the drama king, Ruby Wyman the rebel and music lover, Samantha Richards the project manager and “mom” of everyone, the legendary and mysterious Trevor Jagger and lots of eccentric clients, extras and cameos.


  • Everyone has Rolling Stone last name, or songs in they´re names.
  • Some characters are parodies of famous designers, marketing gurus, and architects.”

For more information on Design Hero Studio and to play the demo, visit its developers’ Itch.io site.

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