Jet Girl

Kandagawa Jet Girls Gets New Gameplay Reveal

During a livestream on Nico Nico, Marvelous Entertainment streamed the first PS4 gameplay for their new game Kandagawa Jet girls with the head of development coming from the Senran Kagura creator.

We see some character customization where you can dress up the girls in any way you want, similar to the Senran Kagura Series. Additionally, we get to see the gameplay of the characters racing and shooting their way to the top.

The game is said to set in Tokyo in the near-future and we get to see teams that aren’t shown in the anime such as the Grindcore team.

There will also be three modes: Story which is the single player that almost mirrors the anime, Free mode that lets players race against the AI and Online mode that lets you race against four players.

There are eight tracks and what’s seen on stream are the Akihibara and Asakusa

You can watch the full stream on Periscope here.

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