Just Cause 4

Just Cause 4 Leaked by Steam Ad

Just Cause 4 Leaked by Steam Ad

E3 apparently can’t come soon enough because leaks keep appearing even days before the press conference; in any case, steam just recently surprised everyone by accidentally displaying an AD for Just Cause 4, a game that hasn’t been officially announced as of yet. As per usual with these leaks, no info regarding the game is available as of yet, but we assume that it will feature updated graphics, the same over-the-top open world action gameplay with new features and the return of the badass regime change specialist Rico Rodriguez as well.

Below is the Ad that Steam leaked of Just Cause 4:

Clicking on the add doesn’t do anything, it just takes you to the front of the store, so sadly, you can’t pre-order the game right now, at least on steam. We expect the game to be fully revealed along with gameplay trailer at the Square-Enix E3 Press conference that will be held on Monday 10 AM at PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM BST so stay tuned for more  Just cause 4 coverage at Gaming Instincts.

Just Cause was released on September 22, 2006 and introduced player to a certain Latin hero by the name of Rico Rodriguez. In his first mission, Rico travels to the island of San Esperito to help overthrow the evil dictator Salvador Mendoza. Rico’s agency (cleverly dubbed The Agency), believes he may be in possession of WMD’s. When Rico arrives, an explosive and highly inventive guerilla war is launched against the government.

Destruction is at the core of the Just Cause experience; we’re not just blowing up holes in a wall, we’re completely destroying entire structures like statues, radars, bridges and buildings. These visually spectacular effects and physical simulations are only possible through the battle-tested and trusted tech in Havok’s arsenal.

To this day, Just Cause remains an essential chapter of open world game history.

More info at the official website.

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