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InXile Entertainment’s The Mage’s Tale Launches on Vive and is Coming to PS VR

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InXile Entertainment’s The Mage’s Tale Launches on Vive and is Coming to PS VR

InXile Entertainment announced that their VR action RPG, The Mage’s Tale, is coming to HTC Vive March 23, 2018 for $29.99. The Mage’s Tale for PlayStation VR (PS VR) version is in development and the game is currently available on Oculus Rift and Touch.

Check out the launch trailer of The Mage’s Tale, featuring some gameplay footage:

“For fans of The Bard’s Tale series, The Mage’s Tale is set between the events of The Bard’s Tale III: Thief of Fate and the upcoming The Bard’s Tale IV. The Mage’s Tale is a 10+ hour dungeon crawler RPG set in the dungeons below Skara Brae.  It offers players the ability to craft hundreds of spells, explore dungeons, solve puzzles, and fight creatures. The Vive and Rift versions include Smooth Movement, quicker load times, optional UI elements and Horde Mode, in addition to the single player campaign.

Storyline of The Mage’s Tale  

Welcome, oh apprentice of the mystic arts! The corrupt wizard Gaufroi has kidnapped your master, Mage Alguin, and only you have any hope of saving him. To win the day, you will need to explore ten deadly dungeons – including the maze-like sewers of Skara Brae and the horrific living tombs of the bloodthirsty Charn – decipher mind-bending puzzles, avoid terrifying traps, and vanquish hordes of vicious monsters.

But worry not! You wield raw elemental power in the palm of your hand, allowing you to sling gouts of flame, javelins of ice, arcs of lightning, and swirling tempests, which can finish off any fiend that stands in your way – from the snarkiest goblin to the burliest giant. As you delve deeper into the depths, you will discover and master forgotten secrets, ancient lore, and powerful spell reagents with which you can craft increasingly exotic spells to defeat even greater foes. You may be an apprentice now, but to save your master, this must become your Mage’s Tale.

About inXile Entertainment

InXile Entertainment is a premiere videogame development studio with locations in Newport Beach, CA and New Orleans, LA, and is behind leading titles including Wasteland 2, Torment: Tides of Numenera, The Bard’s Tale IV, and Wasteland 3. The Mage’s Tale marks inXile’s entrance into the exciting world of VR.  Headed by Brian Fargo, inXile Entertainment is home to both industry veterans and up-and-coming talent and is at the cutting edge of innovation in delivering high-quality titles to their passionate and dedicated fan base.”

For more information on The Mage’s Tale, visit its Steam page.

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