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Spider-Man from last year's Marvel's Spider-Man game
Spider-Man from last year's Marvel's Spider-Man game

Spider-Man: Game of the Year Edition – Accolades Trailer

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Insomniac’s latest masterpiece for the PS4, last year’s Marvel’s Spider-Man release, alongside the lengthy three-part DLC story, The City That Never Sleeps, may now be purchased in one complete package. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Game of the Year Edition released today giving fans the full experience as New York City’s web-slinger.

Check out the new Game of the Year Edition trailer below:

The latest superhero title has garnered plenty of praise over the course of the last year, allowing players to leap into the Marvel universe with excellent and therapeutic gameplay design. What stand out most in the game is the top-notch feel of swinging through the city as Spider-Man as no other game has touched Insomniac’s touch on free-swinging traversal.

Of course, there’s also the powerful combat feeling that’s been perfected allowing fans to take on dozens of baddies at once as the elusive and versatile Spidey. And once the main campaign which typically lasts between 20-25 hours is up, the extra DLC campaign provides more enemies, more collectibles, more story missions and plenty of additional Spider-Man outfits and side activities to keep you busy.

The City That Never Sleeps DLC contains all three chapters of the additional narrative best experienced after the main events of the base game. The first chapter, The Heist, introduces players to yet another villain in the Marvel universe in Hammerhead, who’s threatening New York City, along with allowing Peter Parker to partner up with an old ally from the past. While the second chapter, Turf Wars, focuses on bringing down Hammerhead and the many mobster crime families known as the Maggia.

The third and final chapter, Silver Lining, sees the epic conclusion to the entire City That Never Sleeps story as it has unfolded over the previous chapters. We also see Spidey team up with another returning character from the base game. The final boss fight against Hammerhead is exciting, and the conclusion does and excellent job of setting fans up for a potential sequel from Insomniac Games.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Game of the Year Edition is available now exclusively for the PS4. In other news, it was revealed last week that Sony purchased Insomniac, so it’s safe to say there’s more Spider-Man titles on the way in the future, especially considering how well the first title sold last year alone.

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