Indie Mega Booth Reveals More than 80 Games for PAX West 2017 Lineup

Indie Mega Booth Reveals More than 80 Games for PAX West 2017 Lineup

It was revealed by organizers of the Indie Mega Booth (IMB), the curated PAX West lineup, which will bring together 84 independently made games within its Mega Booth, Mini Booth, and Tabletop areas. Like previous years, the massive IMB PAX West footprint – more than 5,700 square feet – will house an eclectic collection of indie titles ranging from PC to console to tabletop games from September 1-4, 2017 in the Washington State Convention Center.

Check out the trailer of the Indie Mega Booth at PAX West 2017, featuring the details of their participation on the event:

“Some of the titles and studios selected to participate in the Indie MEGABOOTH are entirely new, with some being playable to the public for the first time. A snapshot of some of the playable titles include: the recently unveiled UFO 50, collection of 50 retro-flavored games (developed by Mossmouth a super group of devs behind several acclaimed indie games such as Spelunky, Downwell, among others); Dunk Lords, a two-on-two basketball beat-’em-up by Andy Hull of Story Fort (lead programmer of Spelunky); Return of the Obra Dinn, the next game by Lucas Pope the creator of the critically acclaimed title Papers, Please; and Klei Entertainment’s action adventure title Hot Lava, which transports players back to their childhood imagination to relive those moments of excited, joy and chaos – but whatever you do… don’t touch the floor!

Additionally, Indie MEGABOOTH has partnered with the creators of Exploding Kittens, the hit card game and one of the biggest Kickstarter campaigns of all-time, to organize a pop-up Kitten Café named “Non-Exploding Kittens Room” that will double as a pet adoption and fundraiser for MEOW Cat Rescue, a local non-profit animal shelter. The “Non-Exploding Kittens Room” will be located in the ACT Theatre and is open to the public, not just PAX West badge holders.

Within the MEGABOOTH area on the show floor, there will be four different games featured in the TABLETOP each day of PAX West. All sixteen games that cycle through, will also be playable in the ACT Theatre throughout the entirely of PAX West.

Indie MEGABOOTH would like to thank this year’s returning sponsors PlayStation and ID@Xbox, as well as Unreal Engine, Oculus, and Intel for their continued support. With special thanks to Cards Against Humanity and Kickstarter for their Indie TABLETOP sponsorship.”

For more information on the Indie Mega Booth, visit its official website.

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