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Immortal Vanguard Expansion Brings New Generals and Cards to Duelyst

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Immortal Vanguard Expansion Brings New Generals and Cards to Duelyst

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. and Counterplay Games announced the launch of Immortal Vanguard, the newest expansion for Duelyst, the ultimate tactical collectible card game with lightning fast matches and infinite depth. The expansion introduces new Generals, Minions, Spells and Artifacts, as well as a “Build” mechanic. Immortal Vanguard and Duelyst are available now as free downloads on Steam or on Duelyst.com.

Check out the expansion trailer of Duelyst, featuring some gameplay footage:

“Immortal Vanguard delivers six new generals for players to add into their collections, with one general being added per faction. This is the first group of generals to be introduced to Duelyst since the game launched in April of last year, and includes Lyonar, Abyssian, Magmar and Songhai, among others. Each general commands a new unique bloodbound spell, and has synergy with the more than 100 new cards being introduced into the game, which include new spells and minions. Additionally, Immortal Vanguard is adding new Mech units to the game for the first time since launch, and introducing the “Build” mechanic, which allows a minion to be built during a round.



With this patch, we’re also supporting the newest generation of Generals with their own emotes and profile icons!

Pick your favorites out of the armory and express yourself on the battlefield.


Playing against Magmar and have no idea what that egg will hatch into? Having trouble trying to remember all the new Build minions coming with the expansion?

Have no fear, it’s time to discover a new feature here, meet the new Transformation Reference tech!

This new tech will allow you to hover over Buildings and Eggs to see what cards they’ll transform into.


We have a rather large announcement we want to make. With the inclusion of Immortal Vanguard, we’re now over 800 cards! As exciting as that milestone is, we have a little maintenance we would like to do to polish the overall Duelyst experience. We have a lot to cover, so please find a comfy spot and take some time to read this article.


If you had read the article upon when it first released, we had mentioned the following

“In the case that a Build structure is returned to the action bar, the owner will receive a copy of the original minion – not a 0/10 Structure. This means you can play your minion again and start the Build process from the beginning.”

We have since updated that mechanic – if a Build Structure is returned to the action bar, the owner will now receive a copy of the 0/10 Build Structure instead.

To accommodate these changes, Buildings will now match their minion’s Mana Cost (as such, will no longer default to 9 mana), allowing you to play the Building again for its original cost, and the structure will eventually build into the specified minion.


For more information on Dualyst, visit its official website.

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