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Id Software
Id Software

ID Software Hiring For Development on “Iconic” Action FPS series

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According to a new Jobs listing posted by Zenimax, Id software is hiring a Senior Animator to work on the development of a “long-running iconic action fps.” While there are many franchises from Id software that this could be referring to, with the company having 30 years in the industry, many believe that this game might be Quake-related.

According to the jobs listing, Id is stated of the job that:

This position will be responsible for the implementation of AAA quality animation rigs with a focus on Havok cloth and hair implementation. Working in coordination with the Concept, Modeling and Animations teams, applicants will be tasked with creating hair and cloth rigs to be used in both gameplay and cinematics. Candidates should be self-motivating and demonstrate strong technical, design, organizational and scripting skills.

While there is nothing suggesting that the game will be a Quake game in the jobs listing, rumors of a Quake reboot began to circulate earlier this year. At Quakecon, a yearly event Bethesda holds celebrating both the franchise and other IPs from Id, the first Quake received a remaster that was released that same day. It was developed in conjunction with Machinegames, a studio known for reviving another IP from Id, Wolfenstein.

According to earlier rumors regarding the title, the reboot will be developed by Id with Machinegames helping as well. Since there is no clear indication of a new title it is possible that these rumors were referring to the remaster though several other suggestions about the reboot make it seem like something more. Those included that the game would have a single-player and multiplayer element and that the player would control a female protagonist, an idea that was scrapped from Doom Eternal.

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