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Icycle: On Thin Ice is Available Now for PC & Mac on Steam

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Icycle: On Thin Ice is Available Now for PC & Mac on Steam

Reece Millidge of Damp Gnat announced that following the game’s award winning success on mobile, Icycle finally comes to a platform that allows tight responsive arcade control of poor naked Dennis.

Check out the official trailer of Icycle: On Thin Ice, featuring some gameplay footage:

“Reece Millidge of Damp Gnat says “Icycle has always rewarded skilled precision so it should be a very welcome homecoming for players who remember its origins on the web using keyboard control.” Additional joypad support adds that extra arcade experience to the visual spectacle and subtle narrative of Dennis’ fateful journey as he’s teased and taunted to the fringe of despair.


The story follows the event of Dennis’ rebirth from a cryogenic pod as the last human survivor forced to endure the freezing fate of Earth stark naked on a tiny bicycle. His journey is one of torment as his lovelorn madness thrives when starved of love and human contact. Dennis is our modern ‘Everyman’ for a man with nothing. Life hanging by a thread – that stubborn futile hope that refuses to let go in undeniable futility. You know you can’t win… but you must keep peddling!

What’s new ?

  • PC & Mac players will finally have the tight controls on joypad and keyboard that were previously unavailable via mobile and tablet.
  • Crisp full screen GPU accelerated vector graphics and high quality audio using the new AwayJS engine from Away Studios.
  • 33 Steam Achievements

15% launch week discount off the standard price of $6.99 on Steam.

About Damp Gnat

Damp Gnat is Reece Millidge’s games, interactive arts & animation studio in Brighton UK. Our current focus is on developing games for desktop and mobile with a strong emphasis on narrative and design to tickle the brain and challenge expectations.”

For more information on Icycle: On Thin Ice, visit its Steam page.

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