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Winter's Curse
Winter's Curse

The Huntsman: Winter’s Curse Now Available on PS4

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The Huntsman: Winter’s Curse Now Available on PS4

It was announced by Desert Owl Games, that The Huntsman: Winter’s Curse, an adventure RPG with collectible card game elements featuring an original story set in Universal Studios’  Huntsman  universe, releases on PlayStation 4 in Europe and the Oceanic today.

Check out the trailer of The Huntsman: Winter’s Curse, showcasing the games’ features:

“Winter’s Curse  follows the story of Elisabeth, a young woman who vows to her dying father that she will find her long-lost siblings. On her journey she teams up with a mysterious man with magical powers named Marcus.

Together they explore the  Huntsman’s massive world and visit familiar locations from the films. Elisabeth and Marcus may also join forces with other humans, dwarves or supernatural beings as they embark on choose-your-own-adventure style quests.

Our heroes will battle mythical opponents in a combat system fueled by collectible cards. At the start of each fight players are dealt a hand of randomly-drawn cards from the collection they have assembled. Each card has corresponding actions for use in battle. 

“Working with an established universe is a great opportunity, but even gamers who aren’t familiar with the films will love  The Huntsman: Winter’s Curse,” said Linsay Craten, chief marketing officer, Desert Owl Games. “With a distinct combat system, a compelling story and beautiful artwork, we built an RPG that will captivate all gamers.”

About Desert Owl Games

Desert Owl Games was founded in 2011 by Arthur Griffith and Justin Felker, two of the three original creators of  Pox Nora. Comprised of a majority-female team for T he Huntsman: Winter’s Curse, Desert Owl Games’ objective was to design an immersive story that expands upon the film’s universe to meet the needs of their passionate player base. In early 2014, Desert Owl Games acquired the rights of Pox Nora from SOE.”

For more information on The Huntsman: Winter’s Curse, visit its official website.

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