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Humanoid Studios Developing AAA Sci-Fi Game featured image
Humanoid Studios Developing AAA Sci-Fi Game featured image

Humanoid Studios Developing AAA Sci-Fi Game

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Humanoid Studios, founded and lead by former BioWare General Manager Casey Hudson is working on a new AAA multi-platform sci-fi game. Not much is known about this new game, except that it will be “focusing on character-driven narrative in an all-new science-fiction universe.”

The official website of Humanoid Studios has been updated with some concept art from the game which definitely has some huge Mass Effect vibes, which makes sense given Hudson’s previous history with the franchise. Other talent at the studio includes Art Director Izaak Moody, previously at XGS (Turn 10) and Microsoft (Hololens), and Senior Producer Melanie Faulknor who spent  11-years at BioWare in various capacities as a producer.

Humanoid Studios Developing AAA Sci-Fi Game screenshot 1

Hudson left BioWare in 2020 following a rough time for the company that included the huge failure of Anthem and reports of poor management. At Humanoid, he wants to “unleash the creative freedom of developers,” and that is reflected in the newly posted company vision and mission on the website:

Our Vision

Humanoid Studios was founded on the axiom that creative freedom and independence lead to better, more innovative games. Our vision is based on four fundamental beliefs:

  • The future of entertainment is interactive
  • The most engaging entertainment involves worlds, characters, and storytelling
  • Innovative tools and technologies unlock interactivity that feels magical
  • People do their best creative work when they feel safe and supported
Our Mission
Delivering magical interactive storytelling, by connecting talented creatives to powerful tools, in a safe and supportive environment.

Humanoid Studios Developing AAA Sci-Fi Game screenshot 2

Humanoid Studios currently has 14 openings listed on their website, so it appears that they are gearing up in earnest to start proper development on this game. It is unknown how long the current development cycle of this game is supposed to last, or what the release window of the game is supposed to be, but it can be assumed that this new adventure is years out at this point.

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