Hover Junkers Multiplayer Gameplay

Hover Junkers Multiplayer Gameplay

hover junkers

Hover Junkers is one of the first games demoed using HTC and Valve’s partnership product Vive for Steam VR. While most other VR games shown with the Vive are limited to the space of the room you occupy, Hover Junkers demonstrates how movement over vast expanses can be achieved by moving the space you occupy in the form a hovering craft.

Check out new multiplayer VR gameplay of StressLevelZero’s upcoming title, demoed using HTC’s Vive in Steam VR. And check out their steam page, link below.

Hover Junkers is a VR ONLY title, bound to the coming storm of this new medium. With the launch of Consumer VR there are new frontiers to explore coupled with unfamiliar challenges and a promise of unimaginable experiences”

“We’ve been testing multiplayer for a while now, and this was probably the LEAST interesting session we’ve had. Alex dominates, as he should, since he made the game.”

Hover Junkers
Hover Junkers Steam Page

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