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Hogwarts Legacy Switch Version Release Date Announced, PS4 and Xbox One Versions Delayed to April 4

Warner Bros. Games and developer Avalanche Software have announced that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Hogwarts Legacy have been delayed from their previously planned February 10, 2023 release date to April 4. However, the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam versions will still launch on February 10. Additionally, Warner Bros. Games announced that the Nintendo Switch version will launch on July 25, 2023. Lastly, a second Hogwarts Legacy gameplay showcase will premiere on YouTube on December 14 featuring game director Alan Tew.

The game’s details:

Welcome to Hogwarts Legacy.

You’re a new student at the famed school of witchcraft and wizardry with a unique ability to manipulate powerful ancient magic hidden in the wizarding world. You’ll need to uncover what’s behind the return of this forgotten magic and who is seeking to harness it to destroy wizardkind—as you may be the one that decides the fate of the entire wizarding world. But before you can study magic and begin to solve these mysteries, you must create the witch or wizard you want to be.

When you arrive at Hogwarts, you will be sorted into one of the four Hogwarts houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin. After you settle into your dormitory, you will meet up with your housemates in the common room. You will then need to attend classes, and you do have some catching up to do, as you are starting at Hogwarts late as a fifth year.

Life at Hogwarts

You’ll begin your studies attending Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, and Potions classes—to name a few.

Here you’ll meet your professors and learn to cast spells, grow magical plants, brew potions and more. In between classes you’ll be able to explore the castle famous for its secrets, enchantments and mysteries. You’ll discover dungeons and secret passageways, as well as challenging puzzles that will require magical skill and a clever mind to solve. You may even find yourself in iconic locations you’ve never been able to explore before.

It’s the late 1800s, so while the common rooms and classes may be familiar, most of your professors will not be. However, you may recognize a few faces.

You’ll come to know this eclectic group of talented witches and wizards in class and while completing side assignments that are part of a special curriculum—one designed to help you catch up with the other fifth-years at your own speed.

A Dangerous Mystery

Opportunities for adventure abound in the area surrounding Hogwarts. The magical abilities you learn to master through your schoolwork will soon become tested, as you unravel a dangerous mystery by working alongside the accomplished and yet enigmatic Professor Fig to try and discover if the rumors of a mounting Goblin rebellion hold any weight—and if the safety of Hogwarts lies in the balance.

The Wizarding World of this era is fraught with dangers: creatures corrupted by a magical force, powerful goblins, and sinister witches and wizards, all willing to fight—even kill—to achieve their own goals. In fact, there’s an uneasy alliance between the Goblins and Dark Wizards…

Enemies possess unique defensive and offensive abilities, including Blasting Curses, Stunning Spells, enchanted weaponry, and more. While some may attack directly, others might enchant and incapacitate you. Mastery of the Shield Charm allows you to deflect ranged spells and direct weapon strikes. Counter-attack with powerful Stunning Charms, allowing you to follow up with extended spell combinations.

Students who become particularly adept at spell-casting will find many ways to exploit their enemies’ weakness. Slam with Descendo, roast with Incendio, devastate your enemies using various Finishers. You can even use the mysterious, powerful magic your professors do not understand to obliterate your strongest foes. Mixing and matching dozens of spells will let you define your combat style on your path to become the ultimate duelist.

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