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HIVE: Altenum Wars is Available Now on Steam Early Access

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HIVE: Altenum Wars is Available Now on Steam Early Access

Catness Game Studios confirms the release on Steam of an Early Access of Hive: Altenum Wars on September 8th. The game is on early access at 4.7$ with a 20% discount.

Check out the overview trailer of HIVE: Altenum Wars, showcasing the games’ features:

“Catness Game Studios has launched its game debut, HIVE: Altenum Wars, which is a multiplayer hero shooter in 2.5D side scroll with futuristic style and with a frenetic gameplay capable of hosting games of up to 10 players who will have to fight in hexagon-shaped combat areas, divided into 6 zones, each one with Its own gravity direction. For this anticipated version, there will be 8 playable characters, which will have an equipment of between 6 and 7 weapons and skills that they can choose and that their combination with the rest of the team can come to form hundreds of different ways to play.

In this way, Catness wants to put an end to the long wait in which seems to be living, the followers that HIVE has harvested over these three years in all kinds of events and exhibitions, from small local fair, to the biggest ones, like Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. According to his words, in this occasion the time has come and if all goes as planned, those who decide to acquire the right of access to this first preliminary version of the title, will be able to temper their nerves and measure their ability against other users along two game modes: King Of The Hill and Team Deathmatch, as well as a Single Player Survival mode.

So, be ready for the fight, because the war on HIVE is open to everyone.”

For more information on HIVE: Altenum Wars, visit its Steam page.

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