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Hitman 2 New York DLC Released
Hitman 2 New York DLC Released

Hitman 2 New York Location DLC Releases Today Alongside New Trailer

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The first location in the first Expansion Pass for Hitman 2 released today along with a new trailer showing off the New York location and new story mission, The Bank. The new DLC is apart of the first pack of the expansion pass which includes a new costume, new weapon and Mastery Progression system.

Check out the New York location trailer below:

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment also released a short overview of the new DLC:

“The New York location is an entirely new sandbox environment that will feature The Bank (Golden Handshake) campaign mission, along with contracts mode for the mission, new challenges, unlocks, achievements, and more. New York will also include its own Mastery Progression system, and each level of location mastery reached will unlock either a new starting point, agency pickup, tool or weapon. Plus, players can unlock a new double-breasted trench coat for Agent 47 (The New Yorker), along with a customized Bartoli 12G shotgun and additional new items, which can all be carried over to other locations and missions.”

The new Bank mission and New York location is the second piece of expansion to release within the game’s announced roadmap and the first new location added to the game. Two more expansion DLC are expect to hit this coming fall with the new location, ‘The Resort’, being added later in the year.

Hitman 2 is available for the PS4, Xbox One and PC along with the expansion pass also available as a separate purchase.

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