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Hideo Kojima
Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima Wants To Make A Game That Changes In Real Time

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If there is one thing you can always count on from developer Hideo Kojima it is out-of-the-box ideas. Of course, in some cases, those ideas don’t live up to the hype, or at the very least are divisive, such was the case with Death Stranding but there always needs to be somebody willing to take the risks.

In a recent interview, Kojima sat down with Japanese lifestyle magazine  An-An (via Siliconera and Yahoo! News), a discussed the type of games that he would like to make. During the said interview, he did not broach any genre specifically but instead touched upon overarching concepts he would like them to have.

Hideo Kojima stated:

What I want to do are games that change in real-time, Even as we’ve finally got people of various ages and occupations from all around the world playing the same game, everyone, and I mean everyone, is playing the same. Instead of that, something that changes based on where a person lives or how they think.

This idea has been implemented into games before, spawning a whole genre known as AR ( Augmented Reality) games. These games do not change the core mechanics but do implement the player’s location into account offering differing experiences depending on where people like. Arguably the most notable example of this is Pokemon GO.

Kojima already had a hand in the Gameboy Advance title he produced named Boktai: The Sun Is in Your Hand back in 2003. This game used a light sensor which was designed to force players to use sunlight to affect the game. In similarly brought up this game during his interview. He stated:

Because the amount of sunlight is applied in-game to defeat the vampires, the game changes depending on where you played and what time you played. A mechanic like that connects human-made systems and real life.

Death Stranding itself was designed with a social mechanic, allowing players to build things into its world that other players could then use. What Hideo Kojima is talking about is not an impossible mechanic given the technology we have today, though taking into account every player in every country in a way that apply only to them might be hard. If anybody could pull it off though, I would think it would be Kojima.

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