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Hideo Kojima Details Death Stranding’s Development Timeline

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Hideo Kojima Details Death Stranding’s Development Timeline

As Death Stranding is set to release this year, Hideo Kojima decided to share Death Stranding’s first two years of development timeline on his Twitter through several tweets by year and month.

According to Kojima:

2015/12/16 established KJP & started recruiting

2016/1 searching for engine

2016/4 making ludens CG

2016/5 moved to office

2016/6 announced 1st trailer

2016/7 announced KJP trailer

2016/fall engine decided

2016/12 announced PV by DECIMA had to stop shooting due to SAG strike

2017/1 office construction has been completed.

The timeline continues with some gaps filled-in between points, such as meeting with Norman Reedus to take the main role of the Death Stranding project and asking Mads Mikkelsen to be part of the project.

2016/2 met Norman in LA and asked to bet he main role

2016/3 did Norman’s scan & P cap in San Diego for the trailer

2016/6 did. Presentation to Mads on Skype

2016/7 asked Mads to be a part of this project in San Diego

2016/8 Did Mads’ scan & P cap for the trailer in UK

Based off Kojima’s timeline he posted, he seems to be constantly working on the company and his new game in conjunction with all of these meeting with important actors and dealing with the SAG-AFTRA strike.

Well Kojima also has Gurerilla Games to thank for supporting him in this tight development schedule as they offered their engine to Kojima Productions to work on Death Stranding.

“In Jan 2016, DEATH STRANDING only existed in my brain, now it became to real and was able to announce the release day, thanks to everyone at Guerilla Games. They offer their egnine that worth as their life. I never forget that strand.”

The strand definitely refers to Death Stranding’s theme of connection and now they are connected to him, and hopefully with Death Stranding’s release Kojima will be able to connect everyone who plays.

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