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Hero's Song
Hero's Song

Hero’s Song Hits Indiegogo Before November’s Steam Early Access Launch

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Hero’s Song Hits Indiegogo Before November’s Steam Early Access Launch

It was announced today by Pixelmage Games, a San Diego-based game studio stocked with industry veterans, that Hero’s Song, it’s 2D pixel art action RPG, is nearing the point where players can get into the game. As the development approaches the Alpha phase where the core features are in place, the company is offering backers on Indiegogo the first opportunity to play Hero’s Song. In early November, the Company expects to open the gates on Hero’s Song to dedicated RPG fans that are backing the final polishing of the game starting today.

Check out the trailer of Hero’s Song, showcasing the games’ features:

“The company is stocked with a talented team of accomplished game developers who are creating the game, including Bill Trost, Lead Designer and co-creator of the EverQuest franchise, and Patrick Rothfuss, New York Times #1 Best-Selling Author of The Name of the Wind. The core team now features more than 15 seasoned developers as the game marches towards release.

Pixelmage Games has already raised $2.8M in funding from private investors and is looking to establish the market for Hero’s Song through pre-orders, and support the polishing and balancing of the current features of the game before launch. The company is looking to raise an additional $200K from the community.

“When we initially announced Hero’s Song, the response was incredible. So much so, that we took the game off of our initial crowdfunding campaign because investors stepped in to ensure that the game would become a reality with proper funding,” said John Smedley, CEO of Pixelmage Games. “Now, as we approach the final polish stages for Hero’s Song, we’re opening up the opportunity for interested gamers to get into the game before anyone else. Being a part of our early community will be something we are all talking about for years as our players help shape the community and the game for others. “

“I’ve been playing games forever, and I know how stories work,” said Patrick Rothfuss. “This is a unique way for me to bring all my favorite things together. I’ve never done World building as part of a team before, and it’s a lot more fun than I’d anticipated. I’m excited to be able to show people what we’ve come up with.”

About Hero’s Song

Hero’s Song is an open world rogue-like fantasy game done in beautiful 2D pixel art style. Create epic fantasy worlds uniquely shaped by your choices, the power of the gods, and thousands of years of history. Become a legendary hero in a dangerous and mysterious world of magic and monsters. Explore endless dungeons and ancient cities in long forgotten lands in search of knowledge, treasure, and the power of the gods!”

For more information on Hero’s Song, visit its Indiegogo page.

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