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Heatwave Effects The Developers of Bungie

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For those that did not know, the U.S. Pacific Northwest has been suffering a heatwave this summer. Temperatures have reached record highs, with highs in the 100s. This year has had hot days all over as, while I currently write this, I am cursing at my air conditioner for not being cold enough in 90-degree heat. One of the studios that have seen these issues is Bungie.

Currently, the Heatwave has started to finally taper off, offering some reprieve to residents of Seattle, Portland, and other cities in the region. However this comes after it seems that developers in the region have been adversely affected.

On Monday, several developers took to Twitter to voice the adverse effects of this major heat. According to the tweets Bungie shut down their servers at one point due to the heat. In another, a developer was forced to stop working due to the heat causing his laptop to stop functioning.

The grips of this heatwave come at an odd time since the world is slowly getting back to normal following the Covid-19 pandemic. While the virus has yet to be fully vaccinated against, the number of people being vaccinated has been on the rise over the past few months.

This has allowed multiple states to begin opening up and allowing people to return to the office to work. While this is the case, many developers are still working remotely from home. While this might mean many are getting back to the offices, companies have the final say on if their office should open. There are also some remaining health concerns that might make the prospect of a full return to normalcy scary.

Whatever the reasons may be, clearly there are issues with remote working as well. In several tweets, devs lament their lack of any central air conditioning, relying on fans to try to beat the heat. Hopefully, this situation will be rectified soon in a way satisfactory to both gamers and developers.

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