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Hearthstone Battlegrounds
Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone: What’s Next Overview

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The team talks about the new Descent of Dragons expansion for their more popular digital card game. The team goes over the story so far as the side evil attempts to take over the world.

First is Galakrond the unspeakable who becomes stronger through the invoking of other cards. He will be able to upgrade in your hand or in your deck, so take care of the invoker before he becomes the most powerful form, Galakrond, Azeroth’s end. He allows players to add priests to cards to their hand in order to invoke faster and become stronger. He’s also able to outright destroy a random creature in the enemy team.

Different effects can be given to your priest cards depending on your class. for example, they can use Time rip to destroy a minion and invoke Galakrond.

They also go on to talk about Galakrond’s companions. Fate Weaver lets players reduce the cards in their hand by 1 if Galakrond has been invoked twice.

The deck was designed to earn power as you play through these invokes. Everyone can get Galakrond if they log into Hearthstone with Descent of dragons all while earning his lackeys to his side.

  • In the meantime, in opposition to Galakrond, we got some unique plays from the other side with the use of sidequests such as Toxic Reinforcemetns which lets you summon three Leper Gnomes after using the hero power three times.
  • Learn Draconic allows you to spend 8 mana on spells to summon a 6/6 dragon. The sidequests are made to be in many types of decks regardless on how log the match has been going on.
  • Azure explorer has spell damage +2 as well as discovering another dragon. Primordial Explorer is a poisonous dragon that allows you to discover another dragon type.
  • For legendary dragons, Ysera, Unleashed druid dragon that allows you to shuffle 7 Dream Portals that when drawn, summons another dragon.
  • Mylagos, Aspect of Magic allows you to discover a Mage spell through his battlecry.
  • Deathwing, Mad Aspect 8 mana 12/12 that allows you to attack all other minions upon activation.
  • The next card revealed is Waxadred who is a 7/5 dragon who shuffles a candle into your deck in order to summon Waxdred dragon again.
  • Sand breath is a 1 mana spell that gives a minion +1/+2 and is given a divine shield if holding a dragon.
  • Candle Breath is a 6 mana rogue spell allows you to draw 3 cards and additionally it costs less if you’re holding a dragon card.
  • Corrosive Breath is a 2 mana hunter spell It deals 3 damage to minions and if you’re holding a dragon, then you do damage to the player as well.

Depth of Dragon is available on December 10th and will come with a new gamemode.

The new gamemode is Battlegrounds. It’s an 8-player gamemode that coincides with the auto-battle games we know. There’s a matchmaking system, ratings, and keeps track of other stats for matchmaking.

You can pick a selection of heroes along with hero powers. You then recruit minions while other players play their cards. Then the match starts automatically and the fight keeps going until one player is left. It’s all about upgrading your own personal tavern in order to recruit some stronger minions to auto-battle others with. Minions will always return after combat in order to continue fighting.

Other features include playing with friends in battlegrounds with.

  • New Heroes include Lord Jaraxxus who gives demons +1/+1
  • George the Fallen who is a paladin whose hero power is to give minions a Divine Shield it costs 4 gold coins to activate.

They then go to talk about he unique minions.

There are also 10 new minions such as soul juggler who deals damage to random enemy minions if a friendly demon dies.

Voidlord summons three 1/3 minions

Mama Bear is a 5/5 beast who gives other beasts +5/+5

The closed beta starts on November 5th and the Open beta wills tart on November 12th.

Are you as excited for Hearthstone as we are here at Gaming Instincts? Let us know in the comments! Gaming Instincts will be covering BlizzCon live over the weekend, so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the best updates on your favorite Blizzard games!

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