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Hearthstone Expansion Announced

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The popular card-based mobile game Hearthstone from Blizzard Entertainment is getting an expansion later this year. Entitled ‘United In Stormwind’ the expansion will bring new mechanics and new cards into the mix. This will include cards with the new ‘tradeable’ keyword.

According to the official description for the expansion:

Welcome, adventurer, to Stormwind! This majestic capital city is a testament to all the Alliance stands for. Filled with bustling trade, shiny equipment, epic mounts, and new Questlines, Stormwind is a great place to rest and prepare for the next step in your journey. And prepare you must, as there is hidden danger lurking deep within the castle’s pristine walls. The city cannot and will not fall! Band together with old allies and new friends. Resolute and unyielding we are… United in Stormwind!

Since the expansion revolves around a bustling city shopkeepers, bakers, and merchants will appear as cards for the player to use. If they have the new ‘tradeable’ keyword attached they can either be played like normal or for 1 mana be swapped with a card from your deck.

There will also be 10 classes of adventures, each with its own ‘questline’. These quests will highlight the journey of that classes mercenary through the city of Stormwind. Questlines act as “Legendary spells that start in your hand and have three tiers of progression. Get a reward after you complete each step of the Questline, culminating in a powerful Legendary mercenary minion!”

United In Stormwind Will kick off phase 2 of the year of the gryphon. Phase 2 promises to include “major changes to Battlegrounds, including the launch of Battlegrounds cosmetics, a minion type refresh, and regular content updates.” Mercenaries will also launch at some point during phase 2.

United In Stormwind will launch on August 3 with 135 new cards to collect. You can pre-purchase two bundles of the expansion today.

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