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Hawaiian RPG Shooter ‘Ashes of Oahu’ Releasing This Spring

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Prepare to dive into an post-apocalyptic open world with a scenic Hawaiian setting in Ashes of Oahu from indie developers Wyrmbyte.

Formerly known as Nightmarchers, this open world RPG shooter will take players through various elements and story narrative revolving around tales and traditions of the tropical Hawaiian Islands. Players will take on the role of Hawaii native Kai as he fights his way through a dangerous post-apocalyptic version of the Oahu island.

Check out the official introduction trailer below:

“Ashes of Oahu tells the fictitious story of a Native Hawaiian Kai, as he fights to regain control of Oahu working with or against the different factions on the island(…)“Our team of less than ten put together this epic Hawaiian adventure, and we’re ecstatic to finally be this close to letting you all experience the tale.”

– Wyrmbyte CEO, Scott Brown

There’s plenty to be excited about in this upcoming indie RPG with tons of features separating Ashes of Oahu apart from other titles in the genre. Players will have the option of fighting with or against up to four different factions found on the island, player choices that impact the game with over 100 different endings, unlock over 50 abilities and add more power to your weapons with the unique Magical Weapon Mod System.

After the developers decided to change the name to a more appropriate Hawaiian theme, they also drove towards a much more respectful open world by removing the names of real gods. While keeping the intentions completely faithful to the Hawaiian setting, there will also be plenty of fictional additions, such as ghosts and gods, to keep the game on par with it’s post-apocalyptic backdrop.

Ashes of Oahu is scheduled for a release this coming spring 2019 on PC. You can also check out the game’s official website here.

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