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343 Narrative Dev Stepping Down
343 Narrative Dev Stepping Down

Halo Infinite Lead Narrative Designer Leaves 343 Industries

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Halo Infinite’s narrative designer Aaron Linde left 343 Industries for a new venture at Riot Games. Soon after announcing his resignation on Twitter, Linde’s social media profile updated to Senior Narrative Writer for Riot R&D, the studio behind games such as League of Legends and Valorant. The resignation announcement pronounced Halo Infinite as one of Linde’s “proudest achievements” and called the news “bittersweet.”


The Twitter thread ended with an appreciation for the Halo Infinite team and all the work they did on the project. Linde, in particular, crafted 15,000 lines of enemy and marine dialogue while also providing the script for 100s of audio logs in the game, according to his Linkedin profile. Linde was, beyond any doubt, an essential component of the Halo Infinite team, explaining his appreciation for his career endeavors in 2021.

I want to thank my dear colleagues at 343 for making the best game I’ve ever worked on. Our incredible voice cast for elevating our work in every single line delivery, and our players for joining us on this wild-ass journey. You made 2021 an incredibly special year for me. I get squidgy talking about real shit on this stupid website so I’ll leave it at that for now. But I can’t underscore enough how grateful I am and always will be. See you next mission.

Before joining 343 Industries in 2019, Linde lent his writing talents to Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor, Battleborn, Guild Wars 2: Living World, and Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. We do not know what Linde is working on for Riot Games, but the studio is constantly expanding League of Legends into new genres; therefore, A League of Legends-related project could potentially incorporate Linde’s narrative work.

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