Guilty Gear: Strive

Guilty Gear: Strive Gets New Major Update, ‘Starter Edition’, and Cross Platform Beta

Arc System Works recently announced that it will release a new major update for its 2D fighting game Guilty Gear: Strive on June 10. The update will include updates and changes to all the game’s characters as well as improving the overall balancing. In addition, the publisher also announced that the game would be getting a Starter Edition titled the “Starter Edition 2022” for PS5 and PS4, which will launch on August 9 in Japan. The edition includes the base game and Season Pass 1. Lastly, the Arc System Works also announced a beta test for cross-platform matches between PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC  players will start this summer.

Details of the update from the publisher and more via Gematsu, can be seen below:


Arc System Works will release a large-scale balance update for Guilty Gear: Strive on June 10, which includes:

Balance tuning for the entire cast.

Changes to overall game mechanics to transform the gameplay.

Improvements to controls.

Starter Edition 2022

Arc System Works will release Guilty Gear: Strive Starter Edition 2022 for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on August 9 in Japan for 5,980 yen.


The package includes:

Guilty Gear: Strive base game

Guilty Gear: Strive Season Pass 1

Additional Colors

Additional Character #1: Goldlewis Dickinson

Additional Character #2: Jack-O’

Additional Character #3: Happy Chaos

Additional Character #4: Baiken

Additional Character #5: Testament

Additional Stage: Lap of the Kami

Additional Stage: White House Reborn

Additional Another Story


Cross-Play Beta Test

The cross-play beta test, which enables cross-platform online battles between PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC players, will be held this summer.

Further details will be announced via the official Guilty Gear Twitter account and website.

Guilty Gear: Strive Original Soundtrack: “Necessary Discrepancy”

The Guilty Gear: Strive original soundtrack “Necessary Discrepancy,” which was sold early exclusively at Tower Records in March, will launch via general sale and various music distribution stores on May 27.

It includes a total of 25 songs across two discs, including the 24 vocal songs up to Season Pass 1, as well as the Season 2 theme song. The booklet also includes both the English lyrics and Japanese translations.

General Sale: Arc System Works Official E-Commerce Website

Distribution Stores: Major music distributors such as Apple Music, Amazon Prime Music, Spotify, Steam Music, etc.

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