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Guardians of Ember
Guardians of Ember

Guardians of Ember Plans Iron Man Mode for Hardcore Gamers

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Guardians of Ember Plans Iron Man Mode for Hardcore Gamers

It was announced by Insel Games, that after securing the German localisation with the successful crowdfunding campaign, Guardians of Ember sets a new exciting stretch goal: The Ironman Mode is a deadly challenge that only the best hardcore gamers will survive. In addition, they are announcing the game’s global release for October.

Check out the gameplay launch trailer of Guardians of Ember, featuring some gameplay footage:

“The crowdfunding target for the German localisation of Guardians of Ember has already been reached after just twenty days. Today Publisher InselGames is adding a new stretch goal that should also spark the interest of the international player base. The planned Ironman Mode adds a unique feature to the game that is well known from Single Player Games: A play through without death! Bringing this feature to the MMO-world, some of the most exclusive and most difficult to acquire titles and rewards require survival in Ironman Mode – because death is final. Giving players a real chance to stand out and showcase their skills, the unusual feature will be available with the launch of the Early Access version in the second half of October, if the new stretch-goal of 20,000$ is reached.

For that reason the IndieGoGo campaign has been extended until the 10th of October and players supporting the game will get discounted game versions and special perks as well as beta access to the test servers to get a sneak peek at Guardians of Ember a few days before launch. 

Guardians of Ember will be available via Steam Early Access in the second half of October in three different versions. Besides the Mortal Edition (19,99 USD), the Demigod (29,99 USD) and the ultimate Immortal Edition (49,99 USD) both offer exclusive content for all hack and slash fans.”

For more infromation on Guardians of Ember, visit its Steam page.

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