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Guardians of Ember
Guardians of Ember

Guardians of Ember: Iron Hero Event Offers a Real Challenge Plus Great Prizes

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Guardians of Ember: Iron Hero Event Offers a Real Challenge Plus Great Prizes

It was announced by Insel Games, that following the successful Early Access launch, Guardians of Ember players will face their first big challenge during the Iron Hero Event from February 3rd to February 17th. As a special highlight they have the chance to win a Taiwan trip and meet the development team at Runewaker Entertainment.

Check out the launch trailer of Guardians of Ember, showcasing the games’ features:

“Starting on the 3rd of February, the Iron Hero event will focus on the action MMORPG’s hardcore mode that has been successfully funded by the IndieGoGo campaign, to sort out the wheat from the chaff and reward only those who are truly worthy. What dangers will they have to overcome while constantly staring death in the eye? Only the most hardcore Guardians can win an exclusive trip to Taiwan to visit the development team. Other prizes include pro-gaming peripherals from ROCCAT as well as authentic medieval gear provided by Ritterladen.de. On top of all that, Mytholon.com are providing a unique adventurer starter pack that contains a cloak, a belt and a drinking-horn for all roleplayers and LARP fans. Getdigital.de satisfy the nerdiest of desires with their ultimate coffee mug and a special “you shall not pass” doormat. Players have two weeks to reach the highest level in the shortest amount of time. Detailed information on the event can be found here. InselGames will be providing an additional character slot for all players with the start of the Iron Hero event.

In anticipation of the event and due to high demand from North America, InselGames launched new US-based servers to ensure a stable performance for the local player base. Fresh content was added with the implementation of Act 3 which saw the level cap rise to 40, unlocked the crafting system, and provided twelve new regions and a host of new dungeons to explore. There is more to come in February with Act 4.

Guardians of Ember combines Hack’n’Slash action with a full MMORPG and is available via Steam Early Access. Besides the standard Mortal Edition (19,99 USD), the Demigod Edition (29,99 USD) and the Immortal Edition (49,99 USD) offer exclusive content.”

For more information on Guardians of Ember, visit its official website.

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