Grounded Gameplay Reveal

Grounded Gameplay Details Revealed

During Microsofts’s Xbox Series X games reveal, Obsidian had a new open-yard survival adventure called Grounded.

After encountering a strange device in someone’s backyard, four kids have shrunk to the size of ants. Many insects have become dangerous as they are big enough to do serious harm. Now the kids have to survive the dangers of a backyard to find a device that can change them back to their original size. The trailer showcases the gameplay and goals the kids will face in Grounded.

First the kids will have to make a base out of the world around them. The start can be as simple as a campfire next to a flower pot, but eventually the kids will be able to make buildings out of grass, flowers, and other pieces of yard foliage. A simple campfire can easily evolve into a heavily-walled base with watchtowers from which to shoot bow and arrows.

Since Grounded takes place in someone’s yard, many normal-sized objects may become useful in the characters’ shrunken forms. Dandelion seedlets can be used as a parachute to make for a safe landing. Matches become the common form of light against the insect forces.

Additionally, weapons will be crafted to fend off against carnivorous spiders. Typical spears and bows can be crafted to create a fair fight against the humongous bugs. These will be handy when entering the various homes of the nearby creatures. Friends will venture into an underground anthill to defeat a horde of ants that will surround players. Spiders will defend their spiderwebs filled with odd bits of loot and ladybugs will soundly be taken out for food and parts.

Additionally, players will be able to customize the way their character looks through the various armor that will be crafted throughout the survival adventure. Hopefully using their smarts and creativity, players will be able to find a way to turn back into their original sizes in the end.

Grounded is set to release on July 28 for the Xbox One in Early Access before the full release for the Xbox Series X and PC in 2021.

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