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Grand Prix Rock´N Racing is Coming Soon to PS4 in America

Grand Prix Rock´N Racing is Coming Soon to PS4 in America

It was announced by Unfinished Pixel and EnjoyUp Games, that Grand Prix Rock´N Racing will be released on Friday 4th November 2016 on Sony PS4 for America. Get ready for some speed with your family and friends!

Check out the PS4 trailer of Grand Prix Rock ‘N Racing, featuring some gameplay footage:

“Grand Prix Rock ‘N Racing gives you the fastest, most exciting races. You can evolve your car, improving the engine, brakes, tires and more until you’ve achieved the perfect evolution to win the Championship!

Online leader board where you can compare your best times with those of your friends and players from around the world.


  • Wide variety of tracks.
  • Multi-player with 4 players.
  • Races with 20 opponents.
  • Realistic driving physics.
  • Lots of Rock ‘N Roll music.
  • 1080p

Also available on:

XboxOne Store: https://store.xbox.com/en-US/Xbox-One/Games/Grand-Prix-Rock-N-Racing/0a564a73-0083-4278-9a60-d5f1b61d6ef0

Wii U Nintendo eShop: https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Wii-U-download-software/Grand-Prix-Rock-N-Racing-1139385.html

About Unfinished Pixel

We are a young indie game developer studio based on Barcelona , formed by professionals with years of experience in big companies in the game industry.

But now we’re chasing our dream : Build our own company and create the games we’d love to play 🙂
We love making games and are completely opened to new ideas and suggestions for improvements at all levels.
We are constantly looking to innovate and grow in this new way for us.

Hope you join us in this amazing trip !!!

About EnjoyUp Games

Innovative developer in the gaming industry, EnjoyUp Games born with a team with more than 15 years of experience on the entertainment sector and the idea of revolutionize the concept of video game, a young company with strong principle of contribute with new and fun game forms.

Our philosophy is create new products that give new sensations to the player. We have
achieved this with our ambitious and original project Chronos Twins, a game never seen were the action runs on two screens at once with a new concept of time.

With these projects, EnjoyUp achieve his short-term objectives. With a look on the future on new and fascinating challenges, becoming a promising studio on the video game sector.”

For more information on Grand Prix Rock ‘N Racing, visit its product page.

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