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Ghost of Tsushima
Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima: Directors Cut Rating Spotted

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Ghost of Tsushima looks like it will be getting a directors cut for both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 thanks to a rating by the ESRB. The Entertainment Software Rating Board listing was spotted and posted on ResetEra, listing Sony as the publisher.

Prior to this Ghost has received a PlayStation 5 update, making the game run far better on the newest gen console.  Since this update was substantial, it is left to wonder if the PlayStation 5 version will have any further upgrades than that version.

There is also no information yet if this version of the game will include new content for the game.  Games often offer updated versions but the title directors cut implies that newer content might see inclusion. Recently, Hideo Kojima’s PlayStation 4 game Death Stranding also had a Directors Cut announced which seems to include a nod to his Metal Gear Solid franchise

Even if version does not include special content other than what has been release, there is still a lot to enjoy. The game received a multiplayer mode entitled Legends. This includes two game modes, a hoard mode as well as a story driven co-op game mode. Later they added a raid mode, similar to Destiny 2, to their multiplayer.

This news also coincides with rumors that a single player expansion for Ghost of Tsushima is in the works. The expansion, entitled  Ghost of Ikishima, is rumored to add plenty of content to the game. This content is rumored to be revealed at an upcoming PlayStation even in July, though time will tell.

I think the assumption here is that if one gets revealed, the other will as well. If you have yet to jump into Ghost of Tsushima and live out all your samurai fantasies, it looks like it might be a good time to finally take the plunge.

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