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Gamma Protocol
Gamma Protocol

Gamma Protocol Begins its Public Alpha Test on Nov. 27th

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Gamma Protocol Begins its Public Alpha Test on Nov. 27th

Stratotainment announced today that the public Alpha test for its first game, Gamma Protocol, will commence November 27, raging through December 4, 5pm CET. Registration for avid turn-based strategy fans is live now and is accessible until November 27, and players will have access to never-before seen units and features, as revealed in a brand new teaser trailer. Gamma Protocol is scheduled for release Q2 2018 on PC and Mac.

Check out the teaser trailer of Gamma Protocol, featuring some gameplay footage:

“Gamma Protocol™ is a tactical turn-based strategy game set in an alternative historical timeline that begins in 1946. World War II is over, the United Nations set up to ensure that the world never again falls into a global conflict, but within months of its formation, the world is plunged into a war that threatens the extinction of the human race. Every nation, old friends and enemies, must stand up and unite against an alien invader intent on total annihilation.

Features include:

  • Turn based gameplay that puts you in full control – finally, a WW2 strategy game that doesn’t expect you to be king of the twitch gamers. A game that puts the tactical strategists in the driving seat. Rambo can stay at home, this is a fight for all the deep-thinking generals out there.
  • Revolutionary physics unlike anything ever seen in turn based games before, simulating the physical properties of all vehicles allowing for realistic effects based on their mass, inertia, speed and acceleration. Ground conditions, vehicles types, elevation – everything is governed by realistic physics.
  • Player friendly game modes – PvP and PvE turn times can be set to anything from minutes to days. Take your time, think your next move through. Gamma Protocol allows you to interrupt gameplay at any moment. Got a family? Friends? A significant other? Gamma Protocol’s turn times mean you don’t have to put your life on hold to play, the game will wait for you to return when you’re ready.
  • Free (as in beer) version comes with complete PvP and PvE access. No fixed play time – once you’ve downloaded it, Gamma Protocol is yours forever. Premium version includes the full campaign mode with a deep storyline that unfolds across the entire world, as well as Ranked Battles where your achievements land you on the leaderboards. Only the best will reach the top. And only the greats will stay there.  
  • Gamma Protocol adds a new dimension to community involvement, calling on model builders to send in their own customized mode designs for inclusion in the game. Build a Sherman tank with an alternative gun turret, add alien tech, develop realistic vehicles and see them in game. Community led gaming.
  • Gamma Protocol’s Integrated Land Air Sea command system (I-LAS) lets players engage the enemy on land, sea and air, bringing each different vehicle set into the same battle while fighting on their own respective terrains. Aircraft can attack ground forces, diving out of their dog fights to spray tanks with cannons and escorting bombers to their ground targets, gun placements can engage planes with flak and AA, naval craft can attack ground troops with shore bombardments or defend against aerial assaults with mounted AA guns –  war is complex and multifaceted, as are the battles in Gamma Protocol.
  • I-LAS puts an end to protracted turn-based waiting times letting each player make their moves in one space while their opponent is working in another. In quick turn PvP matches, there will always be something for each player to do, always a space in which to coordinate attacks and counter-attacks.
  • Every vehicle in Gamma Protocol is true to its real-world version. We have drawn upon an International vehicle pool from the WW2 era and post war prototypes, including instantly recognizable vehicles such as Messerschmitts, Spitfires, Panzers, Shermans, Torpedo boats, U-boats and Battleships*. (*Naval vessels coming in 2018)
  • Great care and attention has been paid to recreating landscapes from the period, with battlemaps being true to their real-world locations as they were in the 1940s.
  • Dynamic campaign mode follows a deep narrative as the alien invasion spreads across the globe and the armies of the world are drawn into a deadly fight for the survival of the human race. The main story arc is littered with complex, difficult side missions that will test even the most seasoned wargame tacticians.
  • Play live, synchronous matches or in deferred, asynchronous mode. Deferred mode allows you to play up to 12 matches against multiple opponents over multiple time frame turns – anything from half an hour per turn to 5 days.
  • Review past turns with Gamma Protocol’s extensive replay feature. See where you went wrong, analyze the enemy’s tactics, pick through the bones of each and every turn and fine tune your strategies.”

Stratotainment CEO, Thomas Hertzler, said “Our earlier closed alpha gave us enough feedback to recognize we needed to make some adjustments to make Gamma Protocol truly a game that is the first of its kind. We’ve broken traditional barriers by integrating land, air and sea battles into gameplay, and are expecting to receive positive feedback from the discerning turn-based players during this phase”.

For more information on Gamma Protocol, visit its official website.

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