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Crime Stories
Crime Stories

Gametop Releases its Newest Free Game, Crime Stories: Days of Vengeance

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Gametop Releases its Newest Free Game, Crime Stories: Days of Vengeance

It was announced by Gametop, that their latest and greatest release, Crime Stories: Days of Vengeance, is available now at their website for free! Crime Stories: Days of Vengeance is a match-3 puzzle game featuring a detective theme.

Check out the official trailer of Crime Stories: Days of Vengeance, featuring some gameplay footage:

“John had a loving family, a great career, and a solid code of ethics that set him on the straight and narrow. He kept his nose clean after joining the police department, too, but being the good guy made him his fair share of enemies. The most powerful of these foes is Costello, a mafia boss who is about to turn John’s life upside-down.

Crime Stories drops players into a gritty world of bribery and subterfuge with two massive challenges to complete: bring justice to the underworld, and make the city safe again. Players will travel from venue to venue solving nearly 100 exciting match-3 puzzles, each one packed with power-ups and screen clearing combo potential. Unlock 32 different upgrades across eight chapters, all while restoring John’s honor and setting the city back on the right path.

Crime Stories: Days of Vengeance is the newest in Gametop’s long line of free releases. “Players shouldn’t have to choose between expensive high-calibre games and free sub-par games.” CEO Sergey Eliseev believes, “At Gametop, we’ve made it our mission to provide high quality releases without the hefty price tag. No strings attached, just great games for free.”

Gametop’s catalog includes hundreds of amazing releases, everything from hidden object titles to card games, racing games to farming sims. There’s also a robust collection of free match-3 games for fans of quick and colorful swap-based fun.”

For more information on Crime Stories: Days of Vengeance, visit its official website.

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