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Desert Race
Desert Race

Gametop Announces its Latest Free Release, Desert Race

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Gametop Announces its Latest Free Release, Desert Race

Gametop announced today the release of Desert Race, a free off-road racing game for PC that’s packed with all the adrenaline a player can handle. Desert Race drops competitors in the empty backcountry with one goal: be the first to reach the finish line, no matter the cost.

Check out the launch trailer of Desert Race, featuring some gameplay footage:

“Each course is packed with obstacles to avoid, curves to negotiate, and terrifying jumps to survive, not to mention a dozen other monster trucks crashing into each other in an attempt to gain ground. The entire world is rendered in lush 3D and includes both third person and first person races for maximum excitement.

Speed is key in Desert Race’s off-road fight for survival, but it takes more than punching the accelerator to stay on top. Players will need to master the game’s refined control system to powerslide across sandy roads and recover their vehicle in case of a wipeout. There’s also a robust upgrades shop to customize stats like speed, handling, and acceleration, and the main campaign offers enough variety and challenge to keep players busy for hours on end.

Gametop is passionate about delivering quality games that are completely free to enjoy. Most “free” titles bombard players with advertisements and in-app purchase screens, making even the most entertaining diversions frustrating in the long run. With Gametop’s catalog, however, everything is free, legal, and easy to use. Just download and start playing, no strings attached.

Desert Race is the latest title in our expanding library of free games. Gametop offers everything from match-3 puzzles to arcade games, card games, hidden object adventures, and much more. We even have an exciting collection of free racing games fans of Desert Race are sure to enjoy.”

For more information on Desert Race, visit its official website.

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