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Galaxy Combat Wargames Public Demo Coming Soon

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Galaxy Combat Wargames Public Demo Coming Soon

Fork Particle Games announced today that their super intensive free to play multiplayer PvP indie space shooter game Galaxy Combat Wargames public demo is coming really soon for Windows PC & Mac. The game is currently on Steam Greenlight.

Galaxy Combat Wargames is getting positive feedback from the press and its making very good progress on the Steam Greenlight campaign. The studio plans to release the game in the second quarter of 2016.

Watch the gameplay video of Galaxy Combat Wargames:

Galaxy Combat Wargames is a fast-paced head to head multiplayer PvP space shooter where you engage in challenging and intense space combat matches against other fighters from around the world. Your spacecraft is equipped with deadly weapons to destroy the opponent and their base. Fighters with better combat skills and maneuvering strategy earn wins and rewards to reach higher ranks in the force. Galaxy Combat Wargames offers a thrilling space combat experience with intuitive fun controls and third person camera that shows a true and immersive head to head view in 3D.

Head to Head style gaming is sort of a rarity these days which makes Galaxy Combat Wargames such an interesting upcoming prospect.

Fork Particle Games is dedicated to create fun and exciting video games for PC and Mobile. Our team members have collectively worked on a variety of game titles including Tomb Raider Legends and The Urbz: Sims in the city. Fork Particle Games is currently developing an online space shooter Galaxy Combat Wargames slated to release in Q2 2016.

For more information on Galaxy Combat Wargames visit it’s Steam Greenlight page.

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