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Galarian Ponyta Gets Revealed During Official Livestream

A few hours ago, a Pokemon Sword and Shield livestream broadcast happened that showed off a new area in the Galar region called Glimwood Tangle Forest. The entire stream lasted for 24 hours and showed us several new Pokemon from the Galar region, one of the new ones being a Galarian Ponyta form.

Unfortunately we’ve seen the rest of the pokemon before and the only new was was indeed this new Galarian Ponyta. You can’t watch the livestream anymore since it’s now privated, but you can find videos and images of the event everywhere. There were two versions of the Ponyta seen where one didn’t have a tail while the other did. We also don’t know what move they were using when they started to glow, but it was indeed cute to watch.

We also haven’t seen any footage of Rapidash but we’ll probably assume that it will look just as cool as the Ponyta.

For more information about the new Pokemon game, check out here.

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