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Fusion Wars
Fusion Wars

Fusion Wars is Available Now on Samsung VR

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Fusion Wars is Available Now on Samsung VR

It was announced by Estudiofuture, the release of its Fusion Wars game for Samsung Gear VR. A unique and frantic action VR multiplayer combat simulator that features an original and very fun co-op gameplay.

Check out the launch trailer of Fusion Wars, featuring some gameplay footage:

“In FUSION WARS you will take control of a futuristic space combat tank, and enter the domains of an android menace ruled by the huge and powerful “Mother Queen”. Coordinate with other players the best strategy to defeat the hordes of android enemies, and co-operate during the fight to enter the “fusion mode”, merging your space tanks to become a stronger and more powerful combat unit, in which pilots will split their roles to take the driving seat and handle the heavy weaponry of the turret. You will need to overcome and destroy the evil droid creations, recovering the energy Cores that feed the Mother Queen’s realm, and get prepared for the ultimate great battle.

FUSION WARS is a multi-player and fast VR arcade action game that will allow (initially) games for up to 4 different players, where teamwork can make all the difference, through fusion of combat ships to overcome all the levels. Players will be able to easily hop-on and join an existing game, or start one of their own, over either the internet or privately on a local network.

The co-operative feature implies a unique and extremely fun gameplay, in a fast action and old style arcade game mode that enables a high replay-ability, making every game different.

FUSION WARS will be first available over the Gear VR this x-mas, but Estudiofuture is also finalizing the Oculus Rift version, which both will be cross-platform, and also plans to release new content and features through regular updates to the game.


For more information on Fusion Wars, visit its official website.

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