Frostpunk 2

Frostpunk 2 Has Been Delayed To September

Publisher and developer 11 bit studios have announced that Frostpunk 2 has been delayed from its previously planned July 25 release date to September 20, “to guarantee the best possible experience”. The game will launch for PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series versions will follow at a later date. Frostpunk 2 is the sequel to the “society survival game that blended city building, strategy, and management gameplay, creating a brand new genre.”


The full message regarding the delay:

Hey everyone,

Just over two months ago, you had the chance to play Frostpunk 2 Beta, and we greatly appreciate the feedback you shared with us. So much so that it took us some time to take everything in, as there was both a lot of praise for our work (who doesn’t like praise, right?), but also many keen observations on areas we could improve or add to the final game.

Based on the surveys we received from you after playing, the average rating you gave the Beta was 8 out of 10. We’re super grateful for that! At the same time, the Beta was only a small slice of a work-in-progress, still growing game. While our backlog is plentiful, the Beta was an opportunity for us to listen to what you enjoyed, and what didn’t quite land yet. This allowed us to prioritize things better, and bring to the front the features and modifications we were already working on (we hope!) you’ll enjoy the most.

Before we go into detail on the new additions, there’s one drawback we need to be upfront about. As we analyzed your feedback and prioritized things we want to add to the game, we realized that to properly do them justice – and to guarantee the best possible experience at launch – we need more time to finish the development of Frostpunk 2. That’s why we made the difficult decision to postpone its release to September 20th, 2024.

We know this is not the news you wanted to hear. However, we believe these additional features are something you deserve to see in-game on day one, not in a patch added after the release. We can only hope you understand that our decision comes from a place of wanting to create the best game possible for you. One thing is certain – these few weeks will pass by VERY quickly for us, because we’re cooking some really exciting stuff. The list is too long to go through all at once, but the highlights include new additions to the game mechanics, extensive UI & UX enhancement and, by popular demand, a new city feature we like to call Zoom Stories.

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