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Frost Punk
Frost Punk

Frostpunk 2 Getting Hit By Scammers

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Frostpunk 2 was announced last week with its first piece of promotional artwork depicting a shirtless man, on his knees, with the word liar scrolled against his chest. It is being developed by the developers of the original game 11 Bit Studios As it turns out, that wasn’t enough to dissuade real-life liars from attempting to scam and ‘lie’ players excited for the upcoming game.

For those not familiar with Frostpunk, the game is a pretty deep city-building game. Set in a world where the industrial revolution causes the world to freeze over you attempt to lead a small group to survive the harsh new world. It demanded serious resource management while forcing you to make very tough decisions. The game often put the player in positions where there were no good choices, and any choice made came with a sacrifice.

According to sources, a site named Kinguin claims to offer pre-orders for the game, sold through g2play.net. The listing price for the game on the website is 37.50. However, the developers of the game have come out to state that “We don’t know the price of our game yet,” and that this listing is “Some SHITTY SCAMMER.”

Frostpunk 2 currently has no release date yet. People who have seen this have pointed to this being a common practice on the “Gray Market” as it is referred to. The practice is for third-party sellers to put up a pre-order listing in advance of actually having codes to fulfill the said pre-orders, usually doing so after the game releases. In the case here though, as stated, the developer is not sure of the price of the game yet so Kinguin cannot have accurate listings.

Remember to always be careful when purchasing games through third-party retails, especially games that have yet to release yet. So far Kinguin has yet to issue a statement of its own, we will keep you updated if they do.

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