FrightShow Fighter

FrightShow Fighter is Coming to Steam on November 14

FrightShow Fighter is Coming to Steam on November 14

It was announced by 3 fright, that after being in development for many years, FrightShow Fighter is set to be released through Steam on November 14th.

Deep down, FrightShow Fighter is just like the classic fighting games you grew up with. Each of the ten crazy characters has their own set of zany special moves. Summon a swarm of cats with Monster Girl, or launch a flying uppercut across the screen with the black and white Iron Moose.

Check out the gameplay trailer of FrightShow Fighter, featuring some gameplay footage:

“Laser-eyed rabbits, bubble-burping rainbow monsters, and bear-throwing lumberjacks are just a few of the bizarre characters you get to choose from in this off-the-wall fighting game.

The new PowerUp system in FrightShow Fighter lets your character gain temporary powers in the middle of a fight.  At the start of each battle choose which PowerUps you want to use, including super fun effects like fireballs, poison flasks, slippery oil, or a giant rocket.

Play through one of the many Story Mode maps, or invite a friend over to battle in local 2 Player Mode. In Single-Player Mode, fight your way through one of the Creepy Story Maps and see if you have what it takes to defeat the evil Xonolox! Earn new PowerUps and rewards each time you successfully conquer a map. Online multiplayer is in development as a future update and will let you earn points and play against anyone around the world. 

About 3 Fright

We are 3 Fright. A very small indie game company of 3 guys who have a passion for making video games.

3 Fright is: Gus Fink, Jeff Brown, & Doug Kavendek

Gus is the idea guy, designer, & artist

He likes to get his hands dirty when it comes to being creative. Gus has had a career in the art field full-time for over 15 years. In addition to having his art collected worldwide, he’s designed toys, apparel, comic books, wallets, and tons more. Gus already has a few different video games under his belt on mobile such as ‘Roklienz’, ‘Party Poops’, ‘Silly Fun Adventures of Miko and Cola’, and various others are in development.

Jeff is the 3D specialist and animator.

He creates all the 3D assets, then dives into the mind of each character to bring them to life. Jeff has a flair for creating all sorts of amazing things; from traditional and 3D sculpting to building anything he puts his mind to. He has years of experience in the illustration and 3D animation field.

Doug is the mastermind programmer.

He brings all the art together to make it work as a cohesive game, never turning down any of the crazy ideas thrown at him. Doug has a passion for working on games, but has also spent a significant amount of time on other things, including simulations, research, scripting, web development, and server & database management.”

For more information on FrightShow Fighter, visit its Steam page.

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