Friday The 13th

Free Friday The 13th Game DLC Available Now

Free Friday The 13th Game DLC Available Now

It was announced by publisher Gun Media, that it will make the game’s first content update available for free. Friday the 13th: The Game had lots of server issues following its launch last month, the effects of which are still being felt to some extent.

Check out the DLC trailer of Friday The 13th, showcasing the free DLC features:

As stated in the trailer above, Gun wants to “make up for [the issues] and thank you for your patience” by giving for free this DLC. The main feature of this DLC  is a retro version of Jason that comes with new chiptune music created by Mitch Murder. At the end of the trailer above, you can get a glimpse of this new skin and the chiptune music.

Also in this DLC is new clothing for every counselor, as well as 13,000 free customization points for all players. Also, everyone across all platforms will get double XP scheduled for this weekend, running from June 23-25.

Gun Media stated in a press release:

“We were completely overwhelmed by the amount of users that tried to play at launch, enough to break our servers and force us to upgrade. That process has evened out since then, however we are still working to smooth out the experience even more across all three platforms.”

For more information on Friday The 13th, visit its official website.

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