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Free Farm 2
Free Farm 2

My Free Farm 2 is Available Now as a Browser Game

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My Free Farm 2 is Available Now as a Browser Game

Renowned developer and publisher of apps and browser games upjers has expanded its portfolio of cross-platform games thanks to their game My Free Farm 2, that has made the leap from app stores to a browser game format.

Check out the launch trailer of My Free Farm 2, featuring some gameplay footage:

“Since the app already has a large and loyal fanbase, new browser gamers can look forward to playing with experienced peers. Friend lists will be full in no time!

This farm game is sure to captivate you. In the browser game My Free Farm 2, you’ll establish your own virtual farm. Explore life in the countryside. The tutorial will introduce you to the basics of running your farm. And then you’ll be able to get cracking! Tend to your fields, grow fruits, vegetables and exotic plants. Extensive production chains allow you to process your farm-fresh produce into useful and tasty goods for customers. Deliver your goods by truck, or supply Amy the Pilot with bulk orders when she comes calling in her water plane. Expand your farm, keep animals, process plant and animal products and rake in money! Let’s go!

The cross-platform game already enjoys countless special features, such as night mode. When players activate it, they can grow special plants and start unique productions. The bistro is another of the many exciting features, allowing players to serve guests and provide some extra income for the farm.

Guilds are another new aspect of My Free Farm 2. Players can team up and compete in contests. There’s so much to discover in My Free Farm 2 – now available as a browser game!

About upjers:

upjers proves that the dream of turning a hobby into a successful start-up isn’t just a fairy tale. Founded in Bamberg in 2006 by a dedicated group of three, the company has become one of the leading developers of browser games and apps in Germany. 100 million players worldwide have registered for an upjers game, and upjers games have become a fixture of the Play Store and App Store. Be it tycoon fans or strategy gamers – everyone will get their fill with upjers. Countless awards such as “Browser Game of the Year,” “Game of the Year in the Play Store” and “Kundenlieblig 2017” (customer favorite) in the “Deutschland Test” confirm it!”

For more information on My Free Farm 2 and to play it, visit its official website.

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