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Dead Cells Animated Teaser Trailer
Dead Cells Animated Teaser Trailer

Free Content Headed To Dead Cells On PC, New Animated Teaser Revealed

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Dead Cells was a smash hit indie game that saw its official release in 2018 and proceeded to push players to incredibly difficult limits. Today, the team behind the rogue-lite indie title, Motion Twin, released a flashy animated teaser video showcasing what to expect form the upcoming DLC, Rise of the Giant.

You can check out the new animated teaser for Dead Cells’ upcoming DLC below:

While the new trailer doesn’t show off any gameplay for the new update, players can expect a gritty, hard-nosed fight that looks to amp up the intensity from the base game.

The free update – which is currently only slated for the PC – won’t just include new ways to die, but will also bring in plenty of new weapons, enemies, skills, a hidden level coupled with a hidden ending, and much, much more. You can check out the full patch notes here at the Dead Cells website.

Dead Cells is currently available for the PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Switch. The Rise of the Giant update is hitting the PC for free tomorrow, March 28, 2019. There’s no official word that the new update will be coming to consoles but it’s definitely a possibility considering how it sold like hotcakes on other platforms, such as the Switch.

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