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Forts Coming to Windows in Q1 2017

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Forts Coming to Windows in Q1 2017

Forts is a new RTS action game with physics-based mechanics, that challenges players to construct custom bases and destroy their opponents. The fight for the last of Earth’s resources comes to Windows in Q1 2017.

In Forts, the players must build structures that can withstand enemy attacks and simultaneously reduce their rival’s base to rubble. They will have a variety of tools to enhance their fort and keep it upright, including offensive units, defensive structural add-ons and an upgradable tech tree.

Check out the announcement trailer of Forts, showcasing the game’s features:

“The single-player campaign follows a three-sided struggle for oil between the United States, China and Russia. In multiplayer up to eight players can be divided into two teams and face off. Gamers who want a quick match can also take on AI-controlled towers in Skirmish mode or master various challenges to top global leaderboards.

Forts encourages creative construction and allows for multiple strategies; one team may opt for a towering fortress stuffed with offensive units, while the opponent may craft a stumpy base that favors defense.

Realistic physics mean fortresses must be structurally sound.  Forts wobble and collapse if designed unevenly or as support beams are knocked out due to taking damage, emphasizing the importance of calculated offensive techniques and well-aimed shots.

When assembling attacking forces, players can select from a pool of ten powerful weapons to aim and fire. Missiles, lasers, cannons, mortars and snipers are amongForts’ arsenal. Some weapons also have defensive benefits, such as machine guns shooting down incoming missiles.

A variety of protective tools are also at players’ disposal. Blast doors can protect gunners from incoming attacks, shields reflect laser fire and sandbags that absorb damage are some of the available structures.”

For more information on Forts, visit its official website.

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