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Sergeant winter from Fortnite
Sergeant winter from Fortnite

Fornite 2X 2800 V-Bucks Weekly Giveaway Now Live

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As you all know, last week we previously announced an upcoming 2x 2800 V-Bucks giveaway for Fortnite for the platform of your choice. I am happy to now say that the giveaway is go live today and the gleam link to the giveaway is now active.

We will be running this giveaway for a whole month of December and January which basically means we will have about 6 to 8 or so giveaways from today. Every week you 2 lucky winners will be chosen to win 2800 V-Bucks. To enter the giveaway please follow the gleam link below, but also make sure you Subscribe, pump shotgun the like button head on and of course join our Discord and join in the fun. To enter the giveaway – Click Here

Now some of you may ask how exactly Gleam link giveaways work? Well it’s quite simple first you click on the link itself and then you log in with either your Facebook, Instagram or any other form of social media and then you follow the steps on the giveaway page to enter.

Also, its important to note that the more things you do on the giveaway page the more entries you get towards winning the giveaway. It doesn’t necsserly mean you’ll 100% win but it will give you a much higher chance of winning than opposed to you just doing 1 thing instead of multiple or all of them.

In this particular giveaway subscribing to the channel will grant a whopping 3 points of entries and hitting a like on this exact video will grant you 2 more points of entries which now equals a total of 5. When you comment what’s your favorite Shotgun in fortnite down below you will gain another extra point of entry.

After you do all these 3 mandatory things you you will unlock even more options to gain more entries – such as retweeting our giveaway tweet, visiting our website, joing our Discord server and so on. It’s a fantastic tool because it gives the participant a more higher chance of winning than ever before. Anyways, I am gonna shut up now so you can click on that sexy link and be on your merry way to winning 2800 V-Bucks. Happy holidays everyone and good luck to you all!





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