Former Wolfenstein Developers Form New Studio ‘Bad Yolk Games’

A new Swedish game studio – Bad Yolk Games – has opened its doors and the new studio consists of former Wolfenstein developers – MachineGames – members, Michael Paixao and Joel Jonsson. The new studio is currently working on its first IP but has yet to share any other details at this time.

The new studio is said to consist of a ton of veteran talent that’s worked in the industry for a combined total of over 90 years. Bad Yolk has a staff of 10 AAA veteran senior developers with a total of 14 AAA titles shipped within the enduring tenure, including popular games such as The Division, Gears of War, EVE Online and The Darkness – just to name a few.

“After years of working with some extremely talented people on some really great projects we felt it was time to branch out on our own to create a new kind of studio(…)Obviously high quality video games should be fun to play, but we also believe that they should be fun to make and that creativity thrives best in a healthy and balanced work environment, which is a central pillar of our corporate message and structure.” – Bad Yolk co-founder, Michael Paixao

While the new studio – which has noted that the studio began it’s formation in 2017 – is just now making the announcement of its existence, it seems the team is already putting in work for their debut title. Stay tuned for more details on what the team of veteran developers could be cooking up with all of their combined experience.

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