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Forged of Blood
Forged of Blood

Forged of Blood Reviews 2016 Development Year and Unveils Future Plans

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Forged of Blood Reviews 2016 Development Year and Unveils Future Plans

It was announced by Critical Forge, that they are taking a critical look back at the year and the development of their game Forged of Blood so far. In their blog post on the game’s website Chief Geek Joe gives a quick outline of the studio’s progress across the Tactical, Strategic, and narrative layers of the project. As well as taking the time to share some of the studio wide soul-search meeting they conducted in the last week.

Check out the tactical combat and strategic progress video of Forged of Blood, featuring the progress they made to the game this year:


“Most interestingly, the studio is releasing progress videos for both their Tactical Core Gameplay and the often talked about Strategic Layer – giving gamers the look at the tremendous amount of work already put into Forged of Blood as of December 2016.

Going into 2017, the studio team is proud to confirm that they will be launching their Kickstarter crowdfunding round in March 5th, 2017. The studio will be looking to gain the funds they need to complete and polish the game they have laid the groundwork for in 2016. Having taken on the majority of the development costs and risks themselves, the studio will look to the Kickstarter campaign to help complete their vision of a fantasy turn-based tactical RPG with a focus on meaningful choice and tactical combat.

And last, but not least, the team is excited to announce plans to bring the game to PAX East this coming March 10 – 12, 2017. Given the success of their showing at Game Prime Asia 2016, the team has decided to push for a small exhibit at PAX East to be able to share their game with the US market and hopefully gain new friends and fans during the trip.

Critical Forge wishes everyone the warmest and happiest of holidays and will be looking forward to showing more of Forged of Blood in the new year.

Forged of Blood Game Details:

A Fantasy Turn-based Tactical RPG, Forged of Blood places the fate of an entire world on your every decision. Engage in challenging tactical combat as you find your place in a morally grey fantasy world and decide whether the ends will ultimately justify your actions.”

For more information on Forged of Blood, visit its official website.


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