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Footage of “Young Conker” Tech Demo Has Been Revealed

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Young Conker

Footage of “Young Conker” Tech Demo Has Been Revealed

I don’t know exactly if these are happy news or sad news for Conker fans, but footage has been revealed showcasing the gameplay prospects of a conker game with Microsoft Hololens technology featuring Rare’s mascot character Conker the Squirrel, only this time they are calling him Young Conker.

In the tech demo, conker can be seen running around walls, collecting coins and also fighting some robots and jumping around. I was honestly at a loss of words when I was watching this tech demo, and not in a good way…

Check out the demo footage and see for yourself:

There you go, if I’m permitted to say a few words regarding the matter, it is that I dearly dearly hope this is just a tech demo and not the prospects of a full game, I can see the appeal of using Hololen’s Technology for this kind of game if it’s used right, however,  if this is the direction future Conker games are heading, don’t count me in.

To this day I’m still waiting for the sequel of Conker’s: Bad fur’s day, and while I have played and enjoyed the brief Conker’s Big Reunion on Project Spark, it is not the anticipated sequel fans have been waiting for, and if a true proper sequel were ever to be released, that game alone would be enough to make me buy an Xbox One, I just hope the footage that was featured in this article is just a simple tech demo and that’s it.


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