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Flying Wild Hog and Focus Announce Evil West
Flying Wild Hog and Focus Announce Evil West

Flying Wild Hog and Focus Announce Evil West

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Flying Wild Hog and Focus Home Interactive announced Evil West through a trailer released at The Game Awards

The trailer shows a gunslinger slowly walking through a long-forgotten town. The scene opens with a lone gunslinger as he walks past an old church. Lightning strikes and the scene flashes to night, with the churchhouse on fire. As the gunslinger slowly approaches the town, he disposes of the demons and ghouls surrounding him with ease. 

First using a rifle, then switching to a revolver to shoot a demon he’s not looking at, the gunslinger then draws a bladed gauntlet, which he uses to tear through the horde enveloping him. As he dispatches enemy after enemy, his claws turn into a hammer fist that he drives demons into the ground with. 

The trailer only continues to escalate in intensity as the gunslinger fights increasingly horrendous monsters. Just as the gunslinger looks as though he may be able to catch his breath, a beast with a spiked back charges him and sends him careening into the closest building. Right before the floor gives way, a demon with giant, ripped wings descends behind the gunslinger before he falls through the floor. 

As the gunslinger gets his bearings and stands, the camera pans out to show a host of demons descending on his location. Seemingly outmatched, the gunslinger rises into the air, electricity surrounding him, before slamming down like the God of Thunder, bringing doom with him. While the trailer is no longer than a minute, in that time, Flying Wild Hog and Focus have successfully brought the audience into their world full of demons and destruction. 

Evil West is coming 2021 to PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.

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